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How to Choose Your Lipstick Shade?

December 12, 2017

How to Choose Your Lipstick Shade?

Tips to Find the Best Shade For Your Lips

It’s an amazing feeling when you look at yourself in the mirror after putting on lipstick/ gloss and find that the color complements your skin tone, make-up and outfit- all at the same time.

Getting your lip color just right though, is a daunting task for most us.

Choosing the right color is often like shooting in the dark. You are completely unsure whether you are going to hit the target let alone the bullseye.

Here’s a few tips to remember when choosing lip color:

The tone of your skin

The way certain foods go well with each other, so do skin tones and lip color. Cooler tones go better with fairer skin (ones which lie closer to the bluer end of the color spectrum) and warmer ones (closer to red and orange) bring out the best in darker complexions. However, if you do feel adventurous, test the color before you venture out.

Time of the day

Different colors work well at different times during the day. Matte works well during the day. Evening light is mellower so sheer fuchsias (lighter skin tone) and brick reds (olive skin) are a good bet. Heavy gloss works best when worn at night.

How long does it last?

Gloss, stain, sheer or matte- each type lasts for different time periods. The wetter the texture, shorter will it last. High shine lips are easier to achieve but need to be touched up frequently. Drier stains last longer but you need steady hands to get the lines right.

Ease of application

Sheers are more permanent than gloss but easier to apply than say, matte or satin. Stains offer a better grip and hold but require a certain degree of precision and finesse when being put on.

We hope these tips help you choose the right color of your lipstick and make you feel like a million bucks.

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