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Stay Toasty

July 25, 2017

Stay Toasty


You’ll always be cute and toasty in this adorable toast jacket! Big enough pockets to carry ✨ positive vibes ✨ around with you, or at least a book or two.

Have a grain of individuality, how many people have you seen wearing this jacket? But how many people do you think would wear this jacket if they had the chance? It’s so unique and different – we think you’ll absolutely loaf it! (Check our store)


This jacket is one size fits all, because bread is FOR EVERYONE! If this jacket was edible, it would be gluten-free and vegan so everyone could have it and wear it and love it, and every duck would want a piece of you.

You could wear it with any outfit – pair it with a denim skirt (like this one!) for a casual, natural look, or wear it with a cute dress (like this!) for a more sophisticated, but still quirky look.

The world is bready for you and your toast jacket to shine! Visit our store to find the perfect slice of inspiration.