Ramen Sweater - INU INU

Ramen Sweater

Celebrate the invention of the greatest instant food in the past century with this sweater.

S (Gildan):
Width: 40in /50.8cm
Height: 26in /66cm
Sleeve: 33in /83.8cm

M (Gildan):
Width: 44in /55.8cm
Height: 27in /68.5cm
Sleeve: 34in /86.3cm

L (Gildan):
Width: 48in /60.9cm
Height: 28in /71.1cm
Sleeve: 35in /88.9cm

XL (Gildan):
Width: 52in /66cm
Height: 29in /73.6cm
Sleeve: 36in /91.4cm

2XL (Gildan):
Width: 56in /71.1cm
Height: 30in /76.2cm
Sleeve: 37in /93.9cm

Text on the shirt is in Japanese!

- Ramen: a Japanese noodle soup dish
- Hikikomori: Literally meaning "pulling inward, being confided", it refers to the phenomenon of reclusive teenagers or adults who withdraw from social life.